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A breathtaking view over the Grand Canal, surrounded by typical and partly original Venetian décor, in a private palace. Our Junior Suites have plenty of room (between 35 and 45 square meters) and face directly over the Grand Canal (only one have the partial view on the Grand Canal). Each room is unique in its own way; one has a private terrace, another has the original 600-year old fireplace, another still has a wide whirlpool tub, wide enough for two people to bathe in.

Furnished in typical Venetian style with silk wallpaper and Murano glass chandeliers, this suite looks over Rio Malpaga side canal, as well as over the garden in the back of the hotel (not part of the property, but well kept by its owners).

A miniature version of our Junior Suites, these rooms offer the same view over the Grand Canal and the same carefully curated décor (with partially original furnishings), but are slightly smaller at 28 square meters. The bathrooms are furnished with whirlpool bathtubs.

Our Deluxe rooms are furnished in Venetian style with silk wallpaper, Murano glass chandeliers and vintage décor. Size varies from 22 to 28 square meters (certain rooms are big enough to host as many as three adults). These rooms look over either Rio Malpaga side canal, over the garden in the back of the hotel (not part of the property, but well kept by its owners), or over the city roofs.

Our Superior rooms are the perfect compromise between comfort, quality, and price. The décor is typically Venetian, with silk wallpaper, wooden or carpeted floors, and Murano glass chandeliers.

Superior rooms are located either on the ground floor or on the highest floor of the building. The rooms either look out over the side alley that leads to the Hotel, or have a skylight that allows the visitor to see the Venetian sky.