Frigo Bar


"The best breakfast is a nice smile in the early morning. If you add a good dose of enthusiasm and energy, the recipe for a good mood is perfect"

Frigo Bar

Our minibar allows a limited variety of products, you can ask at the Bar for any other drink or liqueur you like.


Discover below all the proposals of our Bar, you can have a hot or cold drink, enjoy a snack inside or on our outdoor terrace with a beautiful view of the Grand Canal.

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Frigo Bar

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For us Italians the day can not start without the charge of energy of a good Coffee! Espresso, Cappuccino, American, “macchiato” cold or cold, hot, small cup, large cup... We can prepare it as you like best.

If your tastes are more for thea, not a problem! You can choose from many different types of blends, from the most classic to the most exotic. For the sweet tooth, there is no shortage of milk, chocolate and fruit juices of all kinds !!!


Italian Breakfast

Variety of brioches, empty, with jam or whole grain, croissants, muffins, treats and biscuits. But above all the cakes made by our chef! They are definitely worth a try. Guess what the cake of the day is?

Bread, butter and jam. Perhaps the most classic of combinations! We have white toast, baquette both white and wholegrain (cold or hot!) or biscuit slices, to be combined with marmalade and jam of your choice, and of course honey too.

Yogurt, natural or dietetic, fruits cereals, granola, fruit salad and fresh fruits of the season, peaches and plums in syrup.


Breakfast of the Champions

Why not start the day with a little more sprint ? If you feel like eating something more energetic the following part of the menu is made for you.

Eggs and bacon! Sunny side up egg, scrambled, boiled or just egg whites for sportsmen... order as you like! The most classic combination is bacon, baked at the moment and not too crispy. But why not, we also have ham, turkey, salami and different types of cheese!

Homelette with vegetables, cheese and ham. Or whatever you like!

Toast: With cheese, ham or turkey and a side of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.


These are just a few of our proposals to start the day in the best way! If there's anything else you'd like to eat let us know, we'll do our best!  



Sparkling mineral water ½ € 2,00
Natural mineral water ½ € 2,00
Coke € 3,00
Orange Soda € 3,00
Lemon Schwppes € 3,00
Tonic Water € 3,00
Beer € 5,00
Sparkling Wine € 7,00

€ 7,00

Bitters € 7,00
Whiskey € 7,00
Pringles € 3,00
Pretzels € 3,00
Crackers € 2,50
Biscuits € 2,50



Millefeuille with Salmon, Vegetables and Lime Mayonnaise 18,00 €
Scallops au Gratin 18,00 €
Buffalo Mozzarella with Tomatoes and Basil Cream 18,00 €



Lasagna with Bolognese Sauce 16,00 €
Sea Bass Ravioli with Zucchini and Cherry Tomatoes and Basil 22,00 €
Risotto with Seafood (min. 2 people) 22,00 €
Tagliatelle with Bolognese Sauce or with Tomato Sauce 16,00 €



Roll of Seabass with Potatoes and Carrots Cream and Shrimps 24,00 €
Mediterranean Sea Bram Fillet 22,00 €
Sliced Beef Steak with Rosemary and Red Wine Reduction Sauce 23,00 €



Mix Salad  
Mixed Salad, Carrots, Olives, Cherry Tomatoes, nion , Eggs 14,00 €



Tiramisu 8,00 €
Chcolate Cake with Ice Cream 8,00 €
Ice Cream Cup 8,00 €
Seasonal's Fruits 8,00 €
Cover Charge per person 4,00 €
Sometimes some products may have passed through the cold chain.  
Dear Guests, we invite you to contact the service staff for information on products that may contain allergens.  
The menu may be subjected to variations