For us Italians the day can not start without the charge of energy of a good Coffee! Espresso, Cappuccino, American, “macchiato” cold or cold, hot, small cup, large cup... We can prepare it as you like best.

If your tastes are more for tea, not a problem! You can choose from many different types of blends, from the most classic to the most exotic. For the sweet tooth, there is no shortage of milk, chocolate and fruit juices of all kinds !!!


Continental Breakfast

Variety of Croissants, served plain, with jam or hazelnut, muffins, panckackes.

Bread, butter and jam. Perhaps the most classic of combinations! We have white toast, both white and wholemeal baguettes (cold or hot!) or rusks, to be combined with the jam of your choice (or with honey!). You can choose your French Toast with red fruits, banana, hazelnut, honey or maple syrup.

Granola Yogurt (natural, white, fruity), fresh fruit salad, muesli Mix of cereals or corn flakes.


Full Breakfast 

Why not start the day with a little more sprint? 

Eggs and Bacon! Scrambled, Boiled or fried Eggs ... order them as you like! The most classic combination is bacon, cooked at the moment and not too crunchy. But why not, we also have ham, fresh tomato or cucumber!

Omelette with ham and cheese, served with toasted bread.

We also have a selection of Main Courses: Toasted Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Junior French Toast, Caprese, Smoked Salmon Bagel, T&T Bruschetta


These are just a few of our proposals to start the day in the best way! If there's anything else you'd like to eat let us know, we'll do our best!  

Brekfast menù

"The best breakfast is a nice smile in the early morning. If you add a good dose of enthusiasm and energy, the recipe for a good mood is perfect"

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